Storage Solutions


At KAYESSAR we’ve established ourselves as the industry leader and innovator in storage systems for various industries and applications. We continually strive to improve existing solutions as well as develop new products to deliver a great peace of mind to our customers.

Our POLYETHYLENE tanks are manufactured to store large capacity of liquid in different forms. Our group company manufacture tanks in Vertical, Horizontal, Below or Above ground, as well as movable. Our tanks are designed to hold several volumes of a variety of substances for long periods without experiencing wear, weathering, algae & fungal, or deterioration. Our tanks are of great use for a project companies and residents where they can move the tanks whenever and wherever required.

Our tanks manufacture in the method of “Rotational or Roto Molding where we use low pressure and high temperature combined with a mold that is rotated a multiple axes to evenly distribute the polymer material. The lifespan of our polyethylene tanks is between 15-20 years or longer. Soil condition, chemicals stored, proper installation, venting and types of pipe fittings are major factors that determine a tank lifespan.

To be more specific, we have endless number of product and design, which are increasing as engineers find more use of polyethylene tanks. Our design of polyethylene tanks vary according to their use with some being adaptable to any conditions while others are manufactured for a specific application.


Vertical placement tanks is the most common form of tanks since they can be used for general purpose and are more flexible as well as easier to access. They are limited to above ground applications due to the thickness of their walls through they can be placed in an underground chamber made of concrete or brick.


Our horizontal design of plastic tanks is used for transportation applications as a mobile storage device and has the adaptability of being permanently placed or loaded on the back of a truck or trailer. Our design of horizontal tanks makes them easily accessible for filling and loading purposes. These tanks are widely used in project and construction sites, labor quarters, where these tanks can be shifted to another site once work is completed. These tanks have a low profile to prevent them from disrupting the center of gravity of a vehicle.


The basic difference between our above ground tanks and underground tanks is the special engineering required to produce underground tanks since they have to be sturdier and longer lasting as well as able to withstand the weight and force of the tons of soil on them. Our tanks are resistant to rust, corrosion, UV rays etc. These tanks recommended where there is a lack of space, keep away from view, protection from vandals as well as meeting environmental conditions.


Our Silo or conical tanks have to have specialized tank stands such that the contents can be accessed from their cone shaped nose at the bottom of the tank. The contents are loaded from a lid at the top of the tank and accessed through an opening at the bottom of the cone. These tanks can be customized based on the requirements and order quantity


Our underground septic tanks are specially designed for treating the sewage from residents and industries through a biological process. With years of field study and experience, we have lab tested our anaerobic bacteria to address more than 25 different strains which will be present in the septic water. Our anaerobic bacteria don’t need oxygen to live and operate in environments where there is little or no oxygen. Although they are smaller and less efficient in breaking down organic waste, they are more resilient. This treated water can be sent directly for gardening purposes or can be infiltrate to the ground through a soak pit etc. The models and capacity will differ based on the customer requirements.


Our aquaculture tanks allow the fish culturist to easily manage stocks and to exert a high degree of environmental control over parameters like water temperature, Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH, and waste that can be adjusted from maximum fish production. Our tanks are helped the aquaculture farmers who raising fish in tanks, feeding and harvesting operations require less time and labour compared to ponds. These small tanks volumes make it practical and economical to treat so diseases with therapeutic chemical dissolved in the culture water. Intensive tank culture can produce high yield on small parcels of land. Our circular tanks are commonly used for nursery and grow out purposes. It has a better hydraulic characteristic. The self- cleaning action and oxygen distribution of circular tanks holds specific benefits. The circulation of water will cause a better mixing of oxygen, food distribution, and higher stock densities.