Modern Aquaculture

Modern Aquaculture

Kayessar has specialised in setting up modern aquaculture farms, both indoor and outdoor installations. The modern farm supplied and installed by us will be with intensive or super intensive type, based on the client requirement and has minimum 10 times more production to any conventional systems. Small rooftop / back yard ponds for ornamental or hobby fishing with minimum 100 kg biomass to acre size ponds can be installed by us, with modern and advanced technologies including sludge handling systems, Ammonia reduction systems, and best FCR technologies. With Recirculating Aquaculture (RAS) Technology as the primary concept, Kayessar provides super-efficient sludge separation systems, Bio-filters, Disinfection systems and Oxygenation systems.

Various species those can grow in KSR-RAS systems are

Carps, Tilapia, Catfish & FW Pomfret

Seabass / Barramundi

Trout & Perch

P. Vannamei& Tiger prawns

Ornamental fishes – KOI carps, Gold Fish etc,.