Integrated Aquaculture And Crop Production System

Integrated Aquaculture And Crop Production System

IACP system is value added and modernised by us with more than 4 years of field study and various R&D in India and Australia. This is the technology where combination of various Aquaponics technologies like NFT & Dutch bucket system come in place in same facility. It is a unique concept of combining solid separation, bio filters, Mineralisers, Bioreactors and nutrient balancing happens in a single cycle. The water consumption is the least in the technology and is a 100% zero discharge (solid / water waste) system.

This technology is first implemented in 2012 in a farm in Australia, with guidance from University of Sydney and have proven case study for more than 5 years of commercial operation and have now expanded to 5 times in the same location. We have added our unique value addition to this system of nutrient balance system, to make is more affordable and simplified the engineering to Indian standards for cost control.

The well designed IACP system can produce about:

50 kg of Aquaculture Biomass / cum / year

15-25 kg of Vegetables and Greens / sqft / year