Rain & Storm Water Conservation

Rain & Storm Water Conservation

We are the major importers and service providers for modern rainwater infiltration modules. Otherwise known as Stormwater Storage Box / Cells are most advanced and modern way of Rainwater harvesting in the current era. Being manufactured in Germany and Australia, the product come as a complete knock-down (CKD) structure, easy for transportation, and are installed underground, with minimum 1 meter under the road level. The modules had void ration of more than 90% and can withstand load upto 60 tons/sqmt. The modules are installed under the ground at various places of parks, ground and parking areas, to collect and infiltrate – store – transfer rainwater in the area. The products are unique and have life of more than 50 years.

Stormwater Storage Box / cells

Rainwater infiltration well

Stormwater infiltration tunnel

Roadcell / Draincell for rainwater drainage roads

Domestic Rainwater harvesting tanks

Ecopavers for rainwater infiltration walkways.

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